How To Visit:
+ Technical
The site will work best on a desktop or laptop computer.
For the best experience, use Firefox or Chrome browsers.
Plug in your headphones, or find a space where you can hear.
Enlarge your window.
Some content will open in new windows.
The better the internet, the better the experience.
+ Participation
You’ll need to navigate the site yourself: clicking on objects, watching, listening, sometimes reading.
Exploring the site will take roughly an hour.
For the best experience, remove distractions.
Grab a beverage, maybe a snack.
Get comfortable.
Make yourself at home.
+ Accessibility
While moving our final project from a traditional theatre into a digital space removed some of the physical and geographic barriers, our work encountered new access issues online. Beyond captioned and described content, a thorough attempt at removing barriers would have to consider access to high speed internet, a computer and even a quiet space to watch from.

While our content was created with accessibility in mind, we are also aware that elements of the experience may be missed by some people. The piece includes loud and sudden sounds, quiet sounds, flashing lights, printed text to be read, light profanity, audio clips and video.

If you have specific access questions or concerns, please contact us at